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高速数码印花机-柯桥 热转印机

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E-18 2 Heads wide format inkjet printer applies 2 Epson DX5 heads, equipped with our advanced technology; offer the best printing quality and stunning speed. Users can make fast operation through simplified system. Our printer is affordable, high-quality, high-speed, it will be the solid choice for you.

● Brilliant Equipment Quality

● Full-steeled Structure, Stability as Firm as a Rock

● Variable Data Printing, Imaging Quality More Elegant

● Most Advanced System in China Gives the Highest Support for Printer

● Max Resolution 1440 dpi; Max Print Speed 40 ㎡/h


Two EPSON DX5 Print Heads Keep Speed and Production




E-18 applies two EPSON DX5 print heads to make staggered arrangement to guarantee its precision and stability. There are 180 x 8=1440 nozzles on each print head, to level up the speed with 1440dpi high-quality image output.





Intelligence Various Ink Drops Technology, Smallest Ink Droplet 3.5pl

EPSON exclusive intelligence various ink droplet technology, prints with big ink droplets on plain area, with the higher-precision small ink droplets on mix-color area and gradient color area. Moreover, various ink droplet sizes are precisely placed on the media depend on our mature waveform.




Multiple Ink Combinations Gives the Perfect expression about Image

E18 supports multiple ink combinations, besides K, C, M, Y four colors, LC and LM can be equipped to enhance the natural color transition, makes high recognition to the similar colors on image, and the LLK increase the controllability and the sense of depth to the printing colors.



Intelligent Heating System and Fan&infrared Lamp System Facilitate the Ink Droplets Size

Printer adopts the intelligence heating system to realize the media heating on pre-print, printing and post-print. Meanwhile, fan&infrared lamp system is used to shape and solidify the ink droplet. The system preheats the media to the appropriate temperature, mid-heater enhances the adhesion of ink, make it faster and better to perfect the ink droplet size on the media.




Stable and Frequent Ink Supply, Achieves Astonishing Printing Speed

Card cartridge ink tank is simple to replace and observe, stable and convenient.

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